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Our platform offers all services without any interference of a third party which allow all users to have direct contact from both sides, seller and buyer.


Our platform is providing an easy trading services between seller and buyer without any commission included.


In order to sell your products, you do not need to stock any of it out of your yard, you can sell it directly to your client with your label.


On our platform there is a full transparency for traders and buyers’ information, once you are a member on you can browse all services and information.

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The sustainable development strategy, "Egypt's Vision 2030", is a milestone in the comprehensive development path in Egypt, as well as a road map that aims at maximizing the benefit from its elements and competitive advantages. The strategy adopted the concept of sustainable development as a general framework aiming to improve the quality of life in the present time, without prejudice to the rights of future generations to live a better life. The concept of development adopted by such strategy is based on several pillars as follows:

Pillar I: Economic Development

By 2030, the Egyptian economy will be a disciplined market economy that is characterized by stable macroeconomic conditions and capability of achieving sustainable containment growth. Moreover, it will also be characterized by competitiveness, diversity, and dependent on knowledge. The Egyptian economy will be an active player in the global economy, capable of adapting to global variables, maximize the added value and provide job opportunities, as well as making the real GDP per capita reaches the ranks of upper middle-income countries.

Pillar II: Energy

By 2030, the energy sector will be able to meet all the requirements of sustainable national development of energy resources and maximize efficient utilization of its various sources leading to an effective contribution in promoting the economic growth, national competitiveness and social justice as well as preserving the environment and showing leadership in the fields of renewable energy and rational sustainable management of resources. In addition, the energy sector will be characterized by the ability to innovate, predict and adapt to local, regional and international variables in the field of energy, within the framework of keeping pace with achieving the international goals of sustainable development.